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Gorgeous Coffee Majestic Blend - 1kg

Majestic Blend

Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil. This is a Classic and popular Full Arabica Blend. Medium Rich Roast. Smooth, Fine and Balanced with Citrus Sweet notes. Whole Coffee Beans ready to grind. Gorgeous with milk for Latte, Flat White or Cappuccino. This is a Great 100% Arabica Whole Bean blend we defy you not to love!

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About The Coffee Blend

This is a very complex blend of 100% Arabica coffees drawn from all the major coffee-growing regions around the coffee growing belt.

The base of the blend is Brazil drawn from the Mogiana region near Sao Paulo famed for its rich red soil which is perfect for growing coffee cherries. This coffee is light-bodied and sweet with a pleasing aroma and smooth, well-rounded flavour.

The next biggest ingredient is the Ethiopian coffee from the Djimmah region. Coffee originated in Ethiopia and it is its gift to the world! Djimmah is a city in Ethiopia, near Kaffa, to the south-west of the country where the micro-climate is ideal for growing coffee. Djimmah is famed for its full body, richness and exceptionally winey taste.

The coffee from the Karnataka Region in southern India is probably one of the best grown ‘mild’ coffees available with its exotic full-body, fine aroma, intriguing subtlety, stimulating intensity and notes of vanilla, it’s a wonderful coffee to have in any espresso blend.

The Gayo highlands are situated in the very north of the island of Sumatra in the province of Aceh which was badly hit during the 2004 Tsunami. This is a high-quality coffee with its rich, indulgent and full-bodied flavour with notes of peach syrup and spices. There is a subtle acidity with an intense dark chocolate finish.

Finally, the blend is finished off with some of the highest grown coffees available, grown at altitudes of up to 2,300 metres above sea level in the mighty Andean sub-ranges of “Cordillera Oriental” and “Cordillera Central”, no other country can compare! Grown in the famous coffee growing region of Huila this coffee exudes rich notes of dark chocolate, blackcurrant and citrus peel, with a full body and clean sweet finish.

Coffee Origins

Brazil Mogiana Region, Ethiopia Djimmah Region, India Mysore Karnataka Region, Sumatra Gayo Highlands, Colombia Huila Region

Arabica / Robusta

100% Arabica

Flavour Wheel

Majestic Flavour Profile

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